Chocolate shader for Autodesk Maya and Arnold.

Amount: 1 Shaders
Type: aiStandardSurface
Maya Version: 2017 and above
Arnold Version:
5.0.0 and above
File Size: 156 kb


Chocolate shader for Autodesk Maya 2017 and Arnold 5.0. Survival Shader Pack is an Autodesk Maya 2017 and Arnold 5.0 material library designed to make it easy for CG Artist, VFX Artist, Industrial Designers, and Architecture visualization to create stunning 3d rendered images. You can use Survival Shader pack with a minimum knowledge about rendering in Autodesk Maya. Just assign your materials to your 3d object, tweak your lights and press render. Survival Shader Pack is created to make your rendering process less painful and more fun. With an easy quick access to the whole material library, you can quickly see your 3d model in action. If you are a big industrial design studio, a small VFX boutique or freelance 3d artist,  Survival Shader Pack is everything you need to get you started to create stunning 3d renders.