Survival Light Pack | Arnold Lighting Tools for Autodesk Maya
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Arnold Light Tools for Autodesk Maya

Survival Light Pack

Area Light – Basic

Area Light – Basic is your everyday light tool. It has a few useful options to help you quickly achieve the lighting you like without too much moving around to find the right spot. It has options like Dolly, Zoom, Pan, Tilt, Scale, which can be achieved locally and globally based on the light position.

Area Light – Pro

Area Light – Pro has all the Areal Light – basic’s features, plus it has two different spotlight heads that affect the spreading of the light. This light is similar to a real photography light, it can be used if you need more control over your lights and shadows.


Skydome is a simple tool, that helps you quickly set up your HDR lighting system. The Sun indicator helps you quickly find the right spot of the sun based on your HDR image and you are all set. Skydome options are World Rotation, Sun Switch, Azimuth, Elevation, Shadow Angle, Background Switch.


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Survival Shader Pack