Unprecedented Detail

A massive Library of production-ready textures along with pre-built Arnold Shader for Autodesk Maya.

Survival Shader Pack

Curated texture library for your everyday creation

Premium Quality

Survival shader pack is a growing library of high-quality 2k (4k and 8K next) textures for games, VFX, and archviz artists offered in Autodesk Maya file format.

Industry Standard

We’ve curated a library of high resolution textures with graded albedo, normal, roughness and height map to give you an experience you have never seen before.

Ninja Support

We listen to your needs and respond fast. Your next favorite texture is an email away. Seat back and enjoy your cup of coffee, we’ll do the heavy work for you.

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Learn how to import and use the library like a boss!

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* One-month full access to the entire Survival Shader Pack material library.

$39.99/One Month


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* One-year full access to the entire Survival Shader Pack material library.

$199.99/One Year


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* One-time payment for any single shader
* Keep the downloaded shader in your account forever


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Most frequently asked questions

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How often are new textures added?

New textures are released on a 20 day basis. 

I am not an Autodek Maya user, can I still use the shader pack?

Yes. Even if you are not using Autodesk Maya, you still can use the textures that come in the pack. Simply unzip the pack and import the textures to your 3d application and build your own shader. We are working on this to make it easier for everyone to use their favorite shaders in any 3d application. Stay tuned! 

Is the Survival Shader Pack supported by Mac operating system?

Yes. Survival Shader pack is made of native Autodesk Maya (ma) file format which is supported by both operating systems. 

Do you accept refund?

No. We do not accept any refund at the moment.